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Print this page to take a short quizzie to determine which of the 7 gifts your child may have. This is a very short quizzie. More extensive teaching can be obtained in the Workbook titled Discover Your Child’s Motivational GiftsClick Here for info about the Book

Hiro – Motivational Gift of Exhortation

Hiro’s Gift is Exhorter (Encourager)
He makes his friends laugh and feel good

❏ I am almost always a high-energy and positive person.
❏ I like to participate in groups.
❏ I like to talk a lot.
❏ I love to encourage my friends.
❏ I love to be in front of people and act or perform.
❏ I like to be the center of attention.
❏ I like to tease and joke.
❏ I like animals.
❏ I like to play tricks on my friends.

Anna – Motivational Gift of Facilitation

My Name is Anna – Anna’s Gift is Facilitator (Leader-Administrator)
She likes to get others to help do her projects

❏ I like to make lists and organize things.
❏ I am good at setting and meeting goals.
❏ I love people and intentionally make a lot of friends.
❏ I don’t get my feelings hurt easily.
❏ I tend to make plans before asking my parents permission.
❏ I am strong willed.
❏ I can get others to do things for me easily.

Maria – Motivational Gift of Giving

Maria’s Gift is Giving (Supportive)
She likes to give money, clothes, or food to those in need

❏ I care deeply about the practical needs of people.
❏ I am responsible with my money and goods.
❏ I am a very supportive friend.
❏ I am a part of a lot of groups in school or church.
❏ I’m willing to give away my toys if they can bless someone else.
❏ It hurts me to see hungry people.
❏ I like to earn money by doing chores and then give some of it away or use it to help others.

Cayden – Motivational Gift of Mercy

Cayden’s Gift is Mercy (Compassion)
She likes to help those who are sick feel better

❏ I can quickly recognize when someone else is hurting.
❏ I am quiet and like to smile.
❏ I am very sensitive
❏ I have a hard time standing up for myself.
❏ I really love animals.
❏ I can tell when others are sincere or are not sincere.
❏ I like to daydream.
❏ I like to be around old people.

Daniel – Motivational Gift of Prophecy

Daniel’s Gift is Prophecy (insight and correction)
Daniel wants his friends to be good and know God

❏ I want to obey God and help others do the same.
❏ I like to pray for my friends.
❏ I can be really direct and that makes me misunderstood by my friends.
❏ I am often alone because of my high moral standard.
❏ I don’t like playing with toys. I like what is real and true.
❏ I get sad or discouraged sometimes.
❏ I can tell the difference between right and wrong.

Jesse – Motivational Gift of Service

Jesse’s Gift is Service (Helps)
He likes to help his friends and mom and dad and teacher

❏ I like to help mom and/or dad around the house.
❏ I don’t like to get up in front of people at all, especially to give a book report.
❏ I sometimes tend to say yes to too many things at once.
❏ Give me a job and I’ll get it done.
❏ I like to make gifts for my friends.
❏ I am happy a lot.
❏ I like to color.

Sarah – Motivational Gift of Teaching

Sarah’s Gift is Teaching (Instructing)
She likes to tell others what she has learned and what she knows

❏ I love to do research to validate the truth.
❏ I like to share the information I learn.
❏ I am very organized.
❏ I love to read.
❏ I generally never miss class and almost always get perfect attendance.
❏ I love charts, graphs, and lists, and the truth.
❏ I tend to be talkative and ask a lot of questions.
❏ I like to be alone.