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Miss Emma from Silverlake

You’ll want to snuggle into your favorite chair as you read this delightfully inspiring Christmas story, Miss Emma from Silverlake.

One wintry night, a mysterious little stranger appears on the door steps of the Silverlake Orphanage carrying only a suitcase and a sassy attitude.  

Little Miss Emma, on assignment from God, turns lives upside down and backwards as she struggles to convince Miss Hoopy, overseer of 11 orphans, that she must live among them as she works to fulfill her assignment to save the orphanage; an answer to the prayers of Miss Mary, matriarch and co-founder.

Lucas and Serinda assist their protégé in acting like a nine-year-old  human child ultimately turning unbelief to faith and mending hearts along the way.

Miss EmmaHoopy kept her eyes fixed on Emma, not giving in so easily. A slight glow—some call it an aura—surrounded the girl. “I’m an angel sent here to answer Miss Mary’s prayer to restore faith to Mr. Reed. I’m only supposed to tell you.”

She grabbed hold of the counter and shifted around to look Emma directly in her eyes. “Didn’t your momma tell you it’s not good to lie?” Another stare down was in progress. The glow around Emma grew brighter as she gazed into Hoopy’s soul. Hoopy’s knees buckled. Her face turned pale. Her head spun with dizziness. Everything around her moved in slow motion. “Miss Alice…Jesus…” Hoopy mumbled.

Emma glided over to brace Hoopy just in time to prevent her from hitting the floor. She knew she would hit hard, given her body was quite large.

Hoopy looked glassy eyed up at Emma, her voice sounded like it was in a distant place, “I told you, I am an angel.” Her head began to spin rapidly, then she passed out cold and hit the floor with a bang.

The Inspiration

“In the summer of 2018, my aunt was sharing a story with me about a little girl that lived next door to her many years earlier. She and the girl would meet at their windows each night to have a conversation. The little girl sounded enchanting, whimsical! Instantly, an epiphany about a little girl who comes to a town and breathes life back into it, flashed across my mind.

This story will pull on your heart strings as Miss Emma causes delightful trouble for those managing the Silverlake orphanage. That holiday season, before she came, was sure to be one that would have caused the children great heartache. Instead they had reason to rejoice and celebrate.

Yvonne G. Williams

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Book Reviews

Chapter Four Excerpt

Reed took a deep breath, then placed his hand on the handle of the front doorknob, “Who is it?” he asked before opening the door…“Who is it?” Reed asked for the second time peering out a clear spot in the colorful beveled stained glass on the right side of the door. A small framed girl with long dark hair, some curls, some waves, and a sweet expression, stood like a soldier staring straight at the large oak door. By all appearance, the child was all alone; not one adult seemed to be lurking nearby. “Hmmm, that’s strange.” Reed pulled back on the door handle, gazed down at the little figure standing in front of him, and asked, “Who are you?”

“It’s terribly cold out here, don’t you think so?” the little girl retorted, then asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Mr. Reed Kennecott and I run this place.”

“That’s nice,” the little girl stated matter of fact, then walked right in the front door without being invited in and asked, “Will you get my bag, please?