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Maddie Golden Discovers the Pot of Gold

Nine-year-old Maddie Golden is not afraid of anyone, even a friendly spirit named Leznupar that has come to answer her prayer, that God give her a new heart so she can learn how to love.

But Maddie must first go through the lessons from the colors of the rainbow for her prayer to be answered. She learns love from the red ray, spirituality from the orange, a love of nature from the yellow, about eternal life from the green, faithfulness from the blue, patriotism from the indigo ray, and about true service from the violet, Maddie’s favorite color. When her trips to the rainbow and the pot of gold are over (so she thinks), Maddie spends her days putting to practice what she has learned.

However, Leznupar takes her on one last journey, but just before she leaves, five-year-old Cletus, Maddie’s fur-friend, comes down ill, so she refuses to go. Will she finally discover the treasure that is really in the pot of gold, or has she forsaken the answer to her prayer by not completing the last trip over the rainbow?

Maddie and CletusMaddie was not dreaming as some supposed. She honestly did visit the rainbow and discovered that the pot of gold was real. Leznupar made sure he was able to give her proof of its existence so that all little girls and boys could dream to their hearts desire; and to their hearts desire they dreamed, only after she proved it with the magic nuggets.

“Cletus, where are we? Where’s my bedroom? It was raining a most terrible storm when we fell asleep, wasn’t it?” Maddie was confused. She didn’t know what to do.

Flowers of all colors topped the green grass. The fragrance of the field was sweet, like a blend of Honeysuckle and Pink primrose, but not too sweet, more like springtime when flowers of all varieties were in bloom, but it was Autumn on earth.

In the middle of the field was a lake that appeared to be one hundred feet or so in front of her, it’s water as shiny and flat as a large piece of glass.

Cletus’s took off as if chasing a rabbit. “Cletus, wait!” Maddie called as she ran after him with no sensation of her body weight. Momentarily, Maddie was at Cletus’s side. “Wow!” Maddie was speechless. There it was, the rainbow, and a real pot of gold at the end.

The Inspiration

“I wish I’d counted the number of rainbows I’ve seen throughout my life. This story, “Maddie Golden Discovers the Pot of Gold”, was birthed from an experience I had several years ago while driving through Eufaula, Alabama after a rainstorm. 

As I approached the river going south, I noticed the most vibrant rainbow I had ever seen, and I could see the end of the rainbow dip into the river. The sight was spectacular.

It was as if I could reach out and touch the rainbow. It seemed to beckon me to dive into the water to inspect what was really in the pot of gold. 

Yvonne G. Williams

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Book Reviews

Chapter Four Excerpt

“Maddie don’t be afraid,” the deep, yet comforting voice encouraged.

Maddie stopped in her tracks. She looked around with inquisitive eyes and wondered who might be speaking to her, then asked, “I am not afraid. Who are you and what is your name?”

“I am Leznupar. I will be your teacher and guide you over the rainbow. The first ray, the red one, is waiting. Are you ready to take the journey?”

“No,” she hesitated. “No, I am not ready. Where is my family? And where is earth? And how did we get here? I want to go home.”

“Your family are where they were when you left. Your father and mother are working, and Amelia is with Tabitha.”

“I asked you a question. How did we get here?” Maddie was growing frustrated. Nothing made sense to her. Frustration turned demanding yet with a pinch of curiosity.

“Your prayers brought you here.”

As soon as the voice told her the prayers that she had prayed brought her to the rainbow, peace filled Maddie’s soul. “What prayers?” She was now probing.

“The ones you’ve been praying.”