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Sarah’s Gift of Teaching

Sarah’s gift of teaching inspires her to read, read, read

Sarah's Gift of TeachingSARAH SIMS will not go home from school until she has found a new book at the library. Sarah’s gift of teaching is the reason why. She is always on time, her room is neat and tidy, and she likes to organize her drawers, closets, and school desk. Sarah is the shortest of Anna’s Friends.

She has short, cropped red hair, is cute with small features.

Her dark rimmed glasses make her feel really important. She is adopted and lives with two foster brothers.

Sarah never misses school even if she doesn’t feel good and has won the perfect attendance award every year at school and at Sunday school.

Anna asked Sarah to help with the animal shelter project but she hesitated giving her an answer. Sarah must be convinced as to the benefit of doing something and asks a lot of questions first. Anna’s vivid imagination helps Sarah see what she attempts to express in writing.

Sarah is a loner just like Daniel and doesn’t mind being alone. They’re actually best friends. She is quiet, studious, does outlines for everything, is always reading, is logical, systematic, and factual.

Charles and Billy, Sarah’s younger foster brothers enjoy her helping them with their homework. She is patient with them. Billy really needs patience because he’s very hyper and Sarah provides that balance for him. He likes to learn from her because she explains his lessons so he understands.

Sarah also loves to share what she has learned with her friends. She takes great joy and satisfaction in seeing them learn and apply what she has taught them.

Since Sarah is a stickler for accuracy, she is always correcting her friends. They get aggravated at her sometimes. She loves the truth of what she learns so is eager to share it. Doing research is fun, and is a trait of Sarah’s gift of teaching. She gets really happy when she’s engaged in researching something and tends to forget the time.

Sarah spends most of her weekends in her room or snuggled on the sofa with a good book. Her parents have to really work to get her to be a kid. But they never have to worry about her befriending strangers. She just doesn’t gravitate to them.

Even though Sarah loves to learn she is also very creative and has a good imagination. She likes to make charts and graphs when she gives a report at school and most of the time there are lists with bullet points. She likes to be detailed and systematic when she makes her presentations.

Mr. Henderson really likes Sarah. She makes his job as a teacher fun because she loves to do her homework. But she can be a bit too trivial because of her focus on the tiny little details that no one else really cares about. Some of her friends think she is boring.

Sarah has to struggle to be a good listener, because, like Hiro, she likes to talk and she has to work on developing tolerance for others’ mistakes.

Your teacher child might over dose on books and research. Don’t be concerned because they like to be closed in with a book rather than playing with their friends. It’s who they are. In Book #5, Sarah Learns a Lesson, we will get a close look into the personality of the child with Sarah’s gift of teaching.

Book #5 – Sarah Learns a Lesson

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The Greek word for those with the spiritual gift of teaching is didaskalos. From the root of this word we get our English word, “didactic.” The word didasko means to teach, instruct, instill doctrine, explain, and expound.

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