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Anna’s Gift of Facilitation

Anna's gift of Facilitation

Anna’s gift of facilitation

Anna’s gift of facilitation is obvious to all who know this small framed girl. She is the leader in the circle of seven friends. Anna is seven—almost eight-years-old—and eagerly takes up Mr. Henderson’s challenge for the summer even though at first she was very resistant to homework while on vacation. Her long golden locks that are usually always in a ponytail and sometimes pigtails. She has fair skin and some freckles that spot her sweet face.

Anna makes lists and writes herself notes daily to make sure she can do all that her young mind is inspired to do. Anna has an older sister, Samantha (Sam), who is quite creative.

Sam teases Anna at times at her zeal to be involved in so many things, like the school newspaper, Students for a Better School (SBS), that Anna started so the kids can get more foods they like, and more time at recess, and more art classes, too.

Anna tends to give her parents a run for their money to stay up with all the many ideas she has. She tends to make plans for kids and others before her parents know they are made.

It’s no wonder that Anna has a bevy of friends to help her carry out her many projects. She makes it her business to get to know a lot of people and has many friends in many different groups—because she gets the job done through others. Anna is always way ahead of the game. She will plan the vacation before you even know where you are going.

The gift of facilitator / administration is closely related to the gift of leadership. It functions best when it lends leadership support. The gift is more goal or task oriented. Anna is more concerned with details and organization and has the uncanny ability to discern which of her friends has the gift to help her in her projects. She can guide and direct her friends toward a goal or destination. She likes to see a project well done.

Her motivation is to serve in this capacity whether it is in her Sunday school class at church or a project for her school. Anna will jump right in and start giving orders when no one is in charge. She puts her plans on paper and starts delegating responsibility. You will see how effective she is when she organizes a project to save the animal shelter in book #2. Anna can organize people and details—in no certain order—to get a task done.

Ooops, Anna made a mistake, but she will not admit it and does not like taking time to explain why she is doing things; she just expects the job to get done. When she noticed Jesse struggling to pack the car with the suitcases before going on the family trip, Anna jumped right in and put them all in the trunk with space to spare. She can harmonize a chaotic program if given a chance.

Anna is really good in gym and sports, and when Hiro, the class clown teases her, she takes it in stride and sometimes dishes it right back. She is really interested in everything. Anna is a visionary/dreamer and not afraid to attempt the impossible. She is a perfectionist and wants things done her way–now. She has a willingness to endure reactions from critics.

If you have a child with the gift of facilitation/ administration they need to be asked to take charge of projects, no matter how small or large. This will help develop their skills and fulfill their desire for accomplishment. I hope you’re enjoying learning about Anna’s gift of facilitation.

Book # 2 – Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter

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Meet Anna with the Gift of Facilitation

Are you a facilitator/leader like Anna?

Anna is a delightful and energetic child, who is always thinking ahead for projects she can do to include her friends.

Anna is a delightful and energetic child, who is always thinking ahead for projects she can do to include her friends.

Book #2 Anna’s Friend’s Save the Animal Shelter  is a delightful story about how Anna, who has the gift of facilitation (leadership) leads her classmates to coordinate a project to raise money for the local animal shelter.

The reader will interact with Anna, Hiro, Maria, Jesse, Sarah, Daniel, and Cayden. Each of the children has one of the seven motivational gifts.

We see how they interact with one another based on their gifts.

Anna exhibits many of the qualities that someone with the gift to lead would have. You might have them too.