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Lesson #6 – Gift of Prophecy

Time to recap! In Lesson #5 we learned a little bit about the motivational gift of MERCY, and that this gift is provided to alleviate the suffering of other. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual sickness, these children can often sense and feel the pain of those they are around even when an issue may not be revealed. Because of this, those who have been gifted with the motivational gift of mercy have character traits that quickly reveal their tender-hearted nature.

Mercy children often befriend children who have needs that most people feel very uncomfortable working with. This is the area that these little ones are generally scolded in. “Don’t hang around with those types of people,” is often the rebuke from parents, and understandably so, at times. However, they are motivated to relieve suffering and will only become resentful if not trained to understand why they are drawn to certain people. Great wisdom is needed in training these children.

We learned that there are some wonderful traits that children with the gift of MERCY have:

1. Mercy children love animals and elderly people.
2. They are emotional, personal, joyful, might cry at the thought of children going hungry or suffering.
3. Mercy-givers are first on the scene when a friend or sibling falls or is hurt.
4. They are big huggers and kissers, love to cuddle, and are careful to speak kind words.
5. They can feel and sense others’ pain.
6. Your tender child has a quiet disposition and is not pretentious.
7. He/she is easily upset by loud noises or a harsh command. They like their surroundings to be quiet.
8. Do they smile a lot, but don’t often talk a lot?
9. They tend to find it hard to communicate because they have so many feelings.

In This Lesson…

In this lesson we are going to learn more about the motivational gift of PROPHECY.

aBOXProphet Image 1Under the Old Covenant, prophets generally gave messages from God to the people to foretell coming events. These events pointed to the coming of Jesus and all that his life and ministry would entail.

Yet, under the New Covenant, Revelation 19:10 tells us, “Then I [John] fell down at his feet to worship him [an angel], but he [stopped me and] said to me, “You must not do that; I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers and sisters who have and hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God [alone]. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy [His life and teaching are the heart of prophecy].” (Amplified version) Those with the motivational gift of prophecy indeed have a testimony of Jesus and all that his life means to us, and they point others to Him.

Purpose of the Gift of Prophecy

Romans 12:6 – When someone operates with the motivational gift of prophecy they build up and strengthen others and they encourage them to live good lives and to grow in integrity and truth; the purpose of the gift. Prophets comfort others by reminding them of the reward for living a steadfast life. They make them feel comfortable in the assembly and in the truths of God, 1 Corinthians 14:1,3. People with this wonderful gift have deep insight into the reality of the person and essence of Jesus Christ and His life principles to fulfill their purpose.

Prophecy is the spiritual gift where the Spirit empowers certain Christians to receive revelation and speak powerful messages from God to people (not foretell the future as in the Old Testament). They seem to just know things and often don’t have to have formal education to understand the truth about how life works. See Romans 12:6, I Corinthians 12:10, 14:1-5, 30-33, Ephesians 4:11, and I Peter 1:20-21.

Prophesying reveals unrighteous motives or actions by presenting truth. People with this gift have an ability to discern the character and motives of others. These are the ones who have an insistence that we learn to delineate between good and evil attitudes and actions (not people). Those with this gift are completely willing to experience personal brokenness as a means of developing personal humility. They can also prompt others to understand the benefits of brokenness. They have a real concern for God’s reputation and can bring to light things previously concealed. You must “walk the walk so others will see Christ” is the message of the one with the motivational gift of prophecy.

The purest form of prophecy shows us Jesus and all that is embodied in what he taught and who he is. “… for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Rev. 19:10

Challenges With the Gift of Prophecy

Prophecy Post

None of us like people pointing out our faults all the time, do we? Well, children with the gift of prophecy can seem harsh to their friends, but they are tender-hearted at the core.

They’re not interested in groups and they are not joiners of the clubs. They just have strict moral standards and the ability to stay true to themselves. Their friends may think they don’t like them because of this.

Their desire to convey truth makes them seem like they are not willing to compromise or collaborate in conversations; they can appear to be no it all’s. This may appear that they feel proud of their expression and persuasiveness.

The child with the motivational gift of prophecy believes they are either all good or all bad depending on how their parents (or others) communicate to them.

Development of the Gift of Prophecy

There are several things you can do to develop your child’s gift of prophecy. Here are a few suggestions. Children with this motivational gift have an ability to solve problems due to their insight and perception. Be sure to listen to them when they offer suggestions. Ask their advice even if you know what to do in a matter so they will feel that you value them.

Engage this child in projects and programs that require working with the needy. They must develop a capacity to speak the truth in love, Ephesians 4:15, and understand life issues of the least of these.

Being judgmental is a problem for the child with prophetic insight. The more you can engage them with others that are not like them, the more they will develop the capacity for understanding. Their gift will still operate but in a purer sense. They will be able to make a greater impact on their own spirituality, especially as they grow into their teenage years.

Help your child learn to be more positive, patient, and tactful. This will temper the rough edges and still enable them to deliver truth in a manner that will be received more readily. This will also balance their idea of themselves. The Holy Spirit will do the convicting.

Because prophet children tend to be alienated by their friends, at times it is important to create situations that involve their peers. Birthday parties, pizza outings, sleep overs, and the like, with their friends are encouraged to keep them from getting depressed when they feel alone.

Be a good listener. These children need to know someone is listening to them and understand that what they are saying is the truth and matters. Make every effort to show him/her that you take their advice and reinforce what they tell you. God wants us to face the truth about ourselves and understand the reality of what we are doing.

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