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Book #3 The Hayride

A new family comes to town that needs Maria’s help

 Anna's Friend's Book # 3 – The Hayride-Grab a copy for you or your child-Click the image to see this book in Anna's Friend's StoreOn the way to Sunday school, Maria notices a little girl playing hopscotch on the sidewalk and attempts to get Anna to go with her to meet her.

Anna doesn’t want to be late, so she resists. The little girl is wearing flip-flops and has no coat on and it’s really cold outside. 

The bible lesson that morning is about giving to the least of these. After class, Maria asks her Sunday school teacher, Mr. Abercrombie, what that means.

In The Hayride, children will go with Maria to the Fall Festival, an annual event that gets the town buzzing with the expectations of the pumpkin carving contest, eating lots of cotton candy, and the ultimate hayride.

Maria’s gift of giving kicks in full speed ahead causing her to learn the meaning of the Sunday school lesson about the least of these in an unusual way.

Here is the Table of Contents:

1 The Final Count
2 Maria Sees a Stranger in Need
3 Eggs Make Good Shampoo
4 Someone’s Sitting in My Seat
5 Maria Gets Mad at Anna
6 The Girl Without a Coat
7 Applesauce
8 A Million Pumpkins
9 The Hayride
10 Maria Invites a Friend for Thanksgiving

How this book helps children discover their gift of giving

Maria, befriends the new family in town. Even though Joshua is a year older than Anna’s friends, Maria gets to know him and learns that the little girl who was out in the cold without a coat is his younger sister, Sophie. But there’s something strange about Sophie.

She doesn’t talk. It takes a big dog named Furry Fred, a group of caring kids, and a young girl with a heart to give, to begin Sophie’s journey of learning to trust again.

Are you one of Anna’s friends that has a gift of giving?

Maria has been gifted with traits for the gift of giving. This does not mean that people with this gift always give money. They are givers of their time, their talent, treasure, and most of all their heart. You might be a giver if:

Maria 200• You are open and receptive to the needs of others.
• You have a positive nature.
• You are extremely friendly and agreeable. 
• You don’t like to see others cheating or not taking their turn. 
• You will quickly correct your wrong actions and are quick to repent.
• You have a strong nature, yet take correction easily. 
• You are easily appreciative and show delight in good meals. 
• You are active and like to participate in life.
• You are always busy; sometimes flighty as a small child.
• You are people orientated and would rather play with others than be by yourself. 
• You are a participator and join everything in sight and have confidence that you can do what you set your mind to. 
• You are usually leader.
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