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Book #5 Sarah Learns a Lesson

Sarah learns the value of friendship

In book #5 of the Anna's Friend's Children's Book Series "Sarah Learns a Lesson" we will discover the gift of teaching!In Sarah Learns a Lesson we will discover the gift of teaching! This is a delightful story about how Sarah uses her motivational gift of teaching by creating a three-week book-a-thon for her class…and she inspires the owner of the Green Tree Bookstore to create a kid’s corner.

However, on her journey to get a kid’s corner, Sarah leaves out her family and friends during some times where lasting memories could be made.

A record breaking snow storm forces Sarah to consider her priorities when her younger brother becomes very ill. She learns her lesson well.

Here is the Table of Contents

1 Mr. Lumpkin and Mrs. Tumbleweed
2 Don’t Burn the Boxes
3 What are we Gonna do with the Christmas Tree?
4 The Book-a-thon
5 Musical Books and Snoop Groups
6 The Class Book
7 Sarah Volunteers at the Library
8 Snow, Snow and More Snow
9 Snowed in with Bobo
10 What Was the Civil War?
11 Sarah Plays with Her Friends, Finally

How this book helps children discover their gift of teaching

Books, books, and more books. Sarah can’t get enough. She checks them out at the library, buys them at the book store, and reads, reads, reads. Children that are like Sarah can easily see their gift as they share her joy of reading and sharing what she knows with her friends. And, if they like to teach their younger siblings, they will see that Sarah likes to teach her younger brothers too.

Are you one of Anna’s teacher friends?

If you exhibit many of the following character traits, you may be like Sarah. She really loves to correct her friends and likes to share what she learns with others. Take a look at this list and see if you have things in common with Sarah.

Sarah 200• Sarah is orderly.
• She’s always on time and doesn’t like to be late.
• She’s a really good friend.
• Sarah has not missed a day of school since she started in kindergarten.
• It takes a lot to convince Sarah of new ideas. She has to test them for herself.
• Do you like intricate toys? So does Sarah.
• Sarah’s favorite thing to do is read. She likes comic books and encyclopedias.
• She asks a lot of questions.
• Sarah likes to spend time alone because that gives her time to do what she loves best…read and do research.

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