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Book #6 Jesse Can’t Say No

Jesse’s family moves to the new farm

Anna's Friend Jesse’s family moves to the new farmChildren who have never experienced farm life will get to enjoy the wonders of interacting with and caring for animals like Mimi and Dodi, Jesse’s pet goats, Gino the frog, and a calf named Buster. The little animal family begins to unexpectedly grow after Jesse’s learns that his momma is not the only one having twins!

Move in day finally comes. Anna and her friends help the Delaney family settle in to their new country farm house.  And because Jesse has been so helpful through it all, there is a huge, gigantic, wonderful surprise waiting for him. This heart-warming story is sure to touch your soul. 

Here’s the Table of Contents

1 Skiddle Bee and Sirius
2 Anna Meets the Kids
3 Show and Tell
4 Jesse Likes to Paint
5 The Twins Come Early
6 Salad, Yuck!
7 Too Much Rain
8 Gino the Frog
9 Moving to the Farm
10 The Funeral
11 I’m Pooped

How this book helps children discover their motivational gift of service

Children with the motivational gift of service love to help mom and dad around the house. They have a hard time saying no, like Jesse. When a child reads, Jesse Can’t Say No, they will see themselves through Jesse and how he is tireless in helping everyone around him, even the grumpy painter, Harry, who slips in the water when Jesse attempts to do more than he is supposed to do.

Check this list and see if you are like Jesse.

Jesse has been gifted with traits for the gift of serving. His happy spirit and positive nature are one of the first clues that he might be a servant. And, he loves to help where ever he can, even when he’s not asked.

• Do you like to color?
• Jesse learns things pretty quick.
• You might be a great imitator – that means you like to do what your mom or dad does.
• You might have a best friend too.
• Do you relate with your friends better in a small group?
• I’ll bet you remember things your friends like such as their favorite color or their favorite food.
• Do you like to put things together?
• If you like pets and can easily show your affection to pets rather than people you might have the gift of serving.
• And here’s one…you don’t like to get up in front of groups!

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Jesse loves to serve his friends and family

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Book # 6 – Jesse Can’t Say No $10.95

Anna's Friend's Series Book # 6 Jesse Can't Say No

Jesse is so eager to help that he makes matters worse many times when he jumps in to help when he’s not supposed to.
Your children will enjoy this fun loving story about a little boy who just can’t say no! 

Is this you or your child?

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