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Book #4 Hiro Plays Tiny Tim

No one can resist being friends with this zany character 

Anna's Friend's Book # 4 – Hiro Plays Tiny TimThe grumpy school nurse, Mrs. Weaver, gives Hiro a real scare when she tells him he can’t perform in the annual Christmas play.

But that doesn’t keep this small bundle of joy from doing his best to turn the female “scrooge” into a angel. In the process, his need to be the center of attention keeps his friends laughing in stitches, but one of his pranks nearly backfires, teaching him a lesson he’ll never forget.

In Hiro Plays Tiny Tim, children discover the gift of exhortation and that Hiro is a text book example. You will cheer for him at his dedication to his role as Tiny Tim Cratchit in the classic play, A Christmas Carol.

But even exhorters experience times when they too need encouraging.  Sadness happens in Hiro’s family and Anna’s friends rally to encourage him as he works through the ordeal.

Here’s is the Table of Contents:

1 A Thanksgiving to Remember
2 Practice, Practice, Practice
3 Hiro’s Teasing Again
4 Opening Night Jitters
5 It’s Show Time
6 Roses and Perfume
7 God’s Answers to Prayer
8 Hiro is Celebrated
9 It’s Christmas Time

How this book helps children discover their gift of exhortation

Children can clearly see that Hiro is different form Anna’s other friends. He is always looking to make h is friends laugh through teasing and joking around with not only the students, but his teachers, the principal, and the school nurse, Mrs. Weaver. If children gravitate to Hiro, they most likely have his beautiful gift of encouragement. 

Are you an exhorter like Hiro?

Hiro has been gifted with traits for the gift of exhorting (encourages his friends). He loves to tease his friends and especially likes to be in front of a crowd and get lots of attention. Hiro’s favorite thing to do is be in the school play. Here are some traits of an exhorter. You might be like Hiro.

Hiro 200• You are well-liked and have a positive nature.
• You love to be in groups, and also do well on a one-to-one basis.
• Being the center of attention is fun for you and you like to act be noticed.
• You probably have some awards for doing really good in school or in whatever you do.
• Are you always looking for ways to make a task easier, like waving a paper towel over water color paint so it will dry quicker?
• I’ll bet you really like to tease your friends, don’t you?
• You adjust easily to new places and aren’t afraid of change.
• Your least favorite subject is probably mathematics.
• You like true and real stories, crazy gangster movies, and you like animal stories too.
• At a young age you have a special affection for animals.
• You don’t like to save anything. You like to eat all of the Halloween candy at one time.

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