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Book #8 Daniel Moves Away

A new school, new friends, and new game

Anna's Friend's Book #8 – Daniel Moves AwayDaniel and his younger brother moves to Florida to live with his father for the rest of the school year until their mother is finished with her chemo treatments. Anna has been Daniel’s next door neighbor as long as they have been alive. She doesn’t know what to do without her friend.

When Daniel moves back home during the summer just before 4th grade starts, Anna notices how much her friend has changed.

Conflicts arise and Daniel really, really makes Anna mad! Some emotion and some surprises that only Anna can bring to a trying relationship make this story one that will touch the heart of not only kids, but moms and dads too.


Here’s the Table of Contents:
1 A New School
2 Another Summer Assignment
3 Daniel’s Broken Promise
4 Pizza Night
5 Wrong Number, Again!

6 A Day at the Beach
7 Four More Weeks
8 Ho Hum, Summer Bum
9 The Marble Contest
10 Daniel Comes Home
11 Friends and Fireflies


How this book helps children discover their gift of prophecy

Children with the motivational gift of prophecy tend to understand life beyond their years. Daniel is challenged when he and his brother move to a new city and in a new state. His gift of prophecy makes it difficult for him make new friends until he stands up to a bully and takes up a new interest — marbles! Children who relate to Daniel when they read this book will discover some insights into their similar frustrations and how to overcome them.

Are you one of Anna’s prophet friends?

Daniel exhibits many of the qualities that someone with the gift of prophecy would have: a tender heart, a desire to be good, and no imagination. You might have some of these traits too. Here’s how you can tell if you might be like Daniel.

• You are very perceptive.
• You can discern others.
• You can be judgmental.
• You are very sensitive.
• You might not have a good imagination.
• You don’t like fairy tales and will read only what interests you.
• You are not much for toys and would rather kick a toy than play with it.
• You are most likely very active.
• You don’t like to be alone, but very often are.
• You do like people.
• You tend to be hard on others and negative, especially toward yourself.

Book #8 – Daniel Moves Away

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Daniel’s motivational gift of prophecy brings out the best and worst in Daniel as he learns to adjust to his new surroundings, new friends, and new experiences. Does he forget his BFF neighbor friend or is he anxious to get back home to begin 4th grade with Anna and her friends?

This 150-page+ chapter book has some great illustrations and is filled with conflict and emotion and how children deal with moving to a new city. It’s a story that will pull on your heart strings.

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