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Color Me Love Coloring Books

Color Me Love Coloring Books

Color Me Love MediumChildren love to color, especially those with the motivational gift of service.

The 8 Anna’s Friends books are filled with nearly 20 illustrations. As an additional source for children to learn about their motivational gifts, these illustrations have been compiled into two coloring books. Color Me Love Coloring Book #1 contains the illustrations from Anna’s Friends books 1 through 4 and  Color Me Love coloring book #2 contains those from Anna’s Friends books 5 through 8.

CML 2 MediumChildren – and maybe even you – will spend hours coloring dogs, and cats, and people, and flowers, and clothes, and even some food, along with a host of other fun images from the books they have read. Some of the pictures will even be good for posters to hang on your wall.

But these books are more than coloring books! They have an added feature that will aid in developing your child’s cognitive skills. Opposite from each picture is a multiple-choice question from the stories. And, there are word finding puzzles at the end of each of the 8 sections. The books are a wonderful tool for creative development as well!