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Book #7 Cayden and Mrs. Jules

Anna's Friend's Book #7 Cayden and Mr. Jules-Get your copy!The light kept Cayden coming back

Cayden had skated by Mrs. Jules house for almost a year but had no idea who the little Indian lady was, until one day she fell and skinned her knees in front of her house.

Cobwebs and a spider named Spike, a spooky room with a light on, a grumpy lady who never wore shoes, and a creaky rocking chair, made Cayden want to know more about her neighbor.

This heart-warming story is filled with fun and laughter, conflict and emotion, and a story that will touch the heart of moms and dads too.

Cayden is the only one of Anna’s Friends that can unlock a half-century secret that Mrs. Jules has been hiding. Her persistence to make Mrs. Jules happy pays off when she gets her friends to fix and clean the old ladies house. In the process, Cayden learns about a boy names Skippy, the reason for Mrs. Jules broken heart.

Here’s the Table of Contents

1 Mrs. Jules
2 Grading Papers
3 Abi
4 The Sleep-Over
5 Flip-Flop Mania
6 Mrs. Jules Isn’t Happy
7 Aunt Lakesia Comes for Easter
8 Who’s Skippy?
9 Too Many Kids
10 Mrs. Jules Secret

How this books helps children discover their gift of mercy

Mercy is a trait that is easily spotted in children. Readers of Cayden and Mrs. Jules will quickly see the tenderness of heart that comes shining through from the time this sweet spirited little girl befriends Mrs. Jules who scares Anna’s friends to high heaven. Mercy children generally gravitate to others who have broken hearts or that others will stay away from. They are supportive all through their healing process.

Are you one of Anna’s mercy friends?

Cayden exhibits many of the qualities that someone with the gift of mercy would have. You might have them too. Here are some of the ways you can tell. Remember Cayden was the new girl at school and it took her a little while to make friends. She has a quiet nature and doesn’t talk a lot at first.

Cayden 200• You like things to be quiet where ever you are.
• Do you get easily upset by loud noises or a harsh command?
• Cayden likes to cuddle and smiles a lot. Do you?
• You like to daydream. This makes it hard for you to stay attentive in groups or in class.
• You find it hard to communicate because you have so many feelings.
• Girls like love stories and boys like animal stories, especially how animals help one another.
• Is it hard for you to stand up for yourself? It’s hard for Cayden too!
• You like to make others feel better, especially people others don’t like.
• Do you love older people?
• You are good at minding and can take correction.