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Book #2 Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter

Anna uses her gift of facilitation to save the local animal shelter 

Click the image of Anna's Friends' Children's book series: Book # 2 – Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter to see this book in Anna's StoreWhen the children return from summer vacation and turn in their Assignments, the one that Mr. Henderson gave them to do over the summer vacation, he chose Anna’s project to enlist the other students by using their gifts to save the animals at the Praston Animal Shelter.

Anna learns about the plight of the local shelter and that it may have to close down for lack of funds. She uses her creativity to plan a beauty contest for animals to raise money to save Miss Stella’s shelter and, more importantly, find homes for the dogs.

Since this is Anna’s gift we will discover how a child with the gift of facilitation works.




Here is the table of contents:

1 Finally Third Grade
2 Anna Misses the Ice-Breaker
3 Mr. H. Chooses Anna’s Project
4 Conflict at Home
5 Being a Leader is Hard
6 Dissension in Drama Class
7 A Visit to the Animal Shelter
8 The Missing Piece
9 The Big Day