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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

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Can You Identify the Motivational Gifts in Children This Young?

EducatorsSeries1CoverMediumNow schools and churches have a tool that will give educators a road map to teach their students about the motivational gifts.

The THEME of this curriculum is:
Honor the GIFTS within every child and EMPOWER them to THRIVE.

The PURPOSE of discovering your K-2nd graders’ God-given motivational gifts is to help them at an early age understand who God made them to be.

The GOALS of this curriculum are to:


• Instill a positive self-esteem in your students.
• Discover each child’s predominate motivational gift.
• Help each child understand their unique character traits given by God.
• Help children understand why they are different from their friends.
• Give students a platform to continue learning about their gifts.
• Instill a sense of value for their peers and other humans.


• Help educators understand why the children respond to others as they do.
• Empower educators to better guide their students when conflict occurs.
• Create a more harmonious classroom atmosphere.

The entire TOOL KIT – Understanding Your Student’s Motivational Gifts: A Curriculum for Teachers is projected to be ready by the end of summer 2018. Sign up for the Anna’s Friends Newsletters for updates and progress on this much needed teachers guide and curriculum.

Children will learn the motivational gifts by learning the phrase: God Encourages Me To love His People.

Page 53 RightG = Giving
E = Exhortation
M = Mercy
T = Teaching
L = Leading (facilitation)
H = Helps (service)
P = Prophecy



AGENDA for K 2