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Educator’s Tool Kits


Curriculum for Kindergarten to 5th Grade

The Workbook, Discover Your Child’s Motivational Gifts has been so successful that I am writing a similar workbook for TEACHERS and YOUTH LEADERS, only in a curriculum format. Anna’s Friends for Educators is a revolutionary tool for teachers in public, private, or Christian school. The Educator’s Tool Kit will be divided into ages groups.

Currently there are 2 curriculum with plans for four:

Kindergarten – 2nd GradeClick for Kindergarten to 2nd grade – 
Click Here for 3rd to 5th grade – 

These are available as individual programs or in a TOOL KIT that combines the two curriculum (K-5th) for schools and churches.

Honor the GIFTS within every child and EMPOWER them to THRIVE.

The PURPOSE of discovering your K-5th God-given motivational gifts is to help them understand who God made them to be.

The GOALS of this curriculum are to:


• Instill a positive self-esteem in your students.
• Discover each child’s predominate motivational gift.
• Help each child understand their unique character traits given by God.
• Help children understand why they are different from their friends.
• Give students a platform to continue learning about their gifts.
• Instill a sense of value for their peers and other humans.


• Help educators understand why the children respond to others as they do.
• Empower educators to better guide their student’s when conflict occurs.
• Create a more harmonious classroom atmosphere.

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