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Make a Motivational Gift Cake

God-given gifts

You can easily discover which one of the seven motivational gifts your child has been blessed with. Make this Motivational Gift Cake in 6 kinda sorta easy steps. Note* Preparing this cake takes a while so be sure to plan ahead.


One tablespoon of an open mind
1/2 cup of prayer
one cup of instruction
2 cups of patience
2 cups of determination
a dash of creativity
one full box of fun


Day one: Have a heart to heart talk to yourself and decide that it is worth the investment (time, treasure, talent) to discover your child’s God-given motivational gift(s).

Day two: Now that you have decided it is indeed worth it, add the tablespoon of an open mind so you can honestly evaluate your child’s character traits. This needs to sit for 24-hours to make sure that your mind is set on completing the task at hand. (Note* Their head-strong attitude may be due to his / her gift of leadership-facilitation.)

Day three: Get on your knees and add the 1/2 cup of prayer. You’ll want to heat this up first so it is effectual and fervent (hot and bubbly). Once it has been heated to the level that you know God heard you (the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much), add it to the ingredients in days one and two. Mix it until it becomes one unified force.

Day four: Okay. It’s time to add a cup of instruction (The Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child) so you can learn about each of the 7 gifts found in Romans 12:6-8. Afterwards, complete the charts in the Parent’s Guide to see which of the 7 gifts are your child’s predominate ones. This can take as long as you need. Be sure and mix in a full box of FUN!

Baking Day: After mixing the investment, the open mind, the prayer and the instruction, it’s time to mix the 2 cups of patience and the 2 cups of determination — did I forget the box of FUN! — to create a plan so that your child can develop their God-given gift. (Note* The ideas are in the Parent’s Guide.) This will require and honest look at the challenges your child faces based of their gift. You’ll need to add a dash of creativity to help them overcome the pitfalls.

Bake: Put this mixture in God’s oven so he can bake it at a temperature that he sees fit to develop your child’s gift – you know, the one that HE gave your child.

WALLA! The cake is baking. You and your child are working together to learn how to give God’s love to others. You are at peace! Your child is happy and fulfilled!

SHARE THE CAKE with your friends and other parents! And your youth leader at church, your child’s teacher at school, oh – and your homeschool group, and anyone else who has oversite of children. No party is fun if you spend it alone or keep the gifts a secret.