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Anna’s Friend’s Blog

Welcome to Anna’s Friend’s Blog, the place where children and parents learn together

Anna's Friend's Illustrated Children's Book SeriesAnna’s Friend’s discover their motivational gifts in a fun and engaging way; through storytelling! One parent who read the series with her children said, “The Anna’s Friends children’s books series are some of the best children’s books I’ve read. The characters and story-lines are true to life. My children can relate to them and see themselves in Anna and her friends. In fact, my daughter got really excited as she read wanting to find the character that related to her. This may become one of the best children’s books collections in years to come.”

On Anna’s Friend’s Blog you will read posts that talk about a multitude of  topics that parents who take raising their children seriously are interested in. Topics like Overcoming Summer Slump, Children Who Pray, and Anna’s Friends Love Libraries are a few.

I hope you will become one of Anna’s Friend’s. She loves to cultivate new friends. That character trait is part of her motivational gift of facilitation

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