Maria – Gift of Giving

Maria Rodriguez loves to give support to her friends

Ahhh, MARIA, a vivacious young lady and Anna’s best friend since pre-school has the gift of Giving. The girls complement one another. Maria is a real support system for Anna and very committed to their friendship (and all those she calls her friends). Maria is Hispanic, a bit taller than Anna, and has very dark curly hair. She is a bubbly bundle of excitement, has a very positive attitude, and is extremely friendly and agreeable.

In school, if Maria discovers someone has cheated on a test she will tell the teacher. She does not like dishonesty and is very truthful. Maria has an appreciation for life and is very thankful. She likes to be a part of group activities because she likes to be busy. Her name is on every membership role in every group in school and at church.

Conflicts with friends who are like her are common because Maria has a strong propensity to lead. Sometimes she and Anna get into power struggles, but they always make up. She is not much for playing with toys. People are much more interesting to Maria because they can carry on a conversation.

Maria’s greatest assets are generosity, hospitality, and resourcefulness. She is willing (or may even offer) to give away her toys if they can bless someone else. And, the preacher is a real fan of this little girl. She loves to always have something to give in the offering plate.

During the Christmas holiday, Maria would rather have Santa give gifts to the needy children in her town instead of put them under the tree for her.  One day she noticed that a classmate came to school in the fall without a sweater. Without asking her mother or telling any of her friends, Maria gave one of her sweaters to the girl. On another occasion she actually gave one of her favorite pair of shoes to a girl at her church who had been wearing an old pair of tennis shoes with holes in them. She gives quietly and generally tells no one.

Maria gets giddy when her giving is an answer to someone else’s prayer. She is grateful when someone lets her know of a need. She likes to feel part of a supported cause and spends her life on others. When Maria gives something to someone she does it without public recognition and does not want her friends to know that she has done so.

Of all Anna’s friends, Maria is the most organized and self-disciplined. Anna thinks she is too materialistic because she’s always focused on money. But that is because she so loves to give and knows she isn’t happy without helping fulfill someone else’s lack.

Maria’s mother has a hard time getting her to make quick decision about things she buys. That’s because she takes her time to determine its’ real worth. She has wisdom when spending money.

I think you will really like Maria. If you have a child who has the gift of giving you are most fortunate. When properly nurtured this child will become a real blessing to others.

Romans 12:8

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