Color Me Love Coloring Books

Color Me Love Coloring Books

Children love to color, especially those with the motivational gift of service.

The 8 Anna’s Friends books are filled with nearly 20 illustrations. As an additional source for children to learn about their motivational gifts, these illustrations have been compiled into two coloring books. Color Me Love Coloring Book #1 contains the illustrations from Anna’s Friends books 1 through 4 and  Color Me Love coloring book #2 contains those from Anna’s Friends books 5 through 8.

Children – and maybe even you – will spend hours coloring dogs, and cats, and people, and flowers, and clothes, and even some food, along with a host of other fun images from the books they have read. Some of the pictures will even be good for posters to hang on your wall.

But these books are more than coloring books! They have an added feature that will aid in developing your child’s cognitive skills. Opposite from each picture is a multiple-choice question from the stories. And, there are word finding puzzles at the end of each of the 8 sections. The books are a wonderful tool for creative development as well!

  • Some Fun Illustrations

    After Daniel gets back home from his temporary move to Florida, Anna’s friends and families gather to welcome him home and enjoy enjoy a late afternoon picnic before the children begin the 4th grade the next week.

    Fireflies have joined the crowd so the children are having great fun watching them light up the yard. This is the last illustration in the Anna’s Friends series.  From Book #8, Daniel Moves Away.

    Sarah’s gift of teaching motivates her to read, read, and read. She reads so much that she sometimes doesn’t even want to play with her friends. In book #5, Sarah Learns a Lesson, she discovers that sometimes playing with her friends is more important than reading. Sarah finally is learning to jump rope with her friends.

    In book #7, Cayden and Mrs. Jules, Anna plans a spend the night party for her girl friends. She plans lots of fun things to do like painting toe nails, decorating summer flip flops, playing on the water slide, running through the sprinkler, and even jumping on the trampoline. Cayden takes a crack at it for the first time and is having loads of fun!

    Jesse knows Mimi is having her first baby goat. He spends time with her just before the tiny “kid” goat arrives. Read about the farm and all the animals that Jesse gets to spend time with in book #6, Jesse Can’t Say No

  • Read What Paola said when her daughter received the Coloring Books

    Paola texted me right after her 8-year old daughter received her Color Me Love coloring books. She told me, “She started coloring and did the activities right away. I think it is brilliant to put the activities referring back to the book. She goes back and forth to find the answers.”