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The Motivational Gift of Giving

Purpose of the gift of giving: During holidays and birthdays, we often think of the gift of giving. Even though we all give gifts to our friends and family, we can operate – and should – with another type of giving; the motivational gift of giving.

The two scenarios are not the same. Those who have been given the motivational gift of giving have a deep desire to help meet practical needs all throughout the year, not just on special occasions.

The gift of giving is provided to meet the various needs of people who do not have the means to provide fully for themselves, no matter the reason. Givers can be ministries, organizations, the church body, as well as individuals.

The goal is to give encouragement and meet practical needs to express God’s love. Luke 12:27-28 – Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, … If then God so clothe the grass, which is today in the field, and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith? God places greater value on humanity than the lilies.

Helping to meet the material needs of others is the purpose of this beautiful gift, although the responsibility of all. It appears to be a gift to some whom the Lord enables to give cheerfully and uses to help others to let them know they are noticed by God, not forgotten in their distress.

The Greek word for the spiritual gift of giving is Metadidomi. It simply means “to impart” or “to give.” However, this word is accompanied in Romans 12:8 by another descriptive word: Haplotes. This word tells us much more about the kind of giving that is associated with this gift.

The word Haplotes means “sincerely, generously and without pretense or hypocrisy.” No strings attached; opposite from the give to get philosophy.

Children who operate with this beautiful motivational gift extend the care and concern of God to others. They get great joy from taking care of their needs but have an uncanny intuition about who to give to.

They are very wise in their purchasing. They have a desire to give quietly to effective projects. Giving to others gives children great joy when their own giving is an answer to prayer.

They have a desire to feel and become part of a supported cause. They are often looking for needs and spending their life on others. They are not too thrilled to receive but prefer to give.

Many people who have been blessed financially by God give a great deal of their income to philanthropic endeavors. Givers not only give of their substance, they are committed to those they love and are very supportive of their friends, a strong trait of the giver.

Character traits of the child with the gift of giving

There is nothing more fun than watching a child with this gift in action. As a giver, your child probably feels that the best way he can give of himself is to give his material possessions away.

However, these children are those we would classify as a “lifetime best friend”- commonly known as BFF’s – because of their supportive nature.

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