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The Motivational Gift of Exhortation

Purpose of the Motivational  Gift of Exhortation: Romans 12:8 – Those who possess this joyful gift naturally draw people to them for the purpose of stimulating faith and encouraging growth in others. This gift is often called the “gift of encouragement.” The Greek word for it is Parakaleo.

It means to beseech, exhort, call upon, to encourage and to strengthen. The primary reason for this beautiful gift is to let people know of the powerful and amazing work of God in Christ, particularly in regard to the work of Jesus in the atonement; His transformational ability.

This motivational gift is given to people in order to strengthen and encourage those who are wavering in their faith. Building others up when they are knocked down by life is a major aspect of this gift.

People who have been given the gift of exhortation will challenge others to nurture spiritual growth and prod them to be doers of the word to develop their faith. It is considered a speaking gift rather than a serving gift.

Exhorters are “how to” persons and love to watch others grow whether it is in their faith, or in their job, or in their social connections. Exhorters are highly engaged in other’s lives. These are the ones who are always upbeat and positive.

You instinctively want to listen and talk with them. They have the ability to foster others to change by constantly encouraging them and pointing out their intrinsic worth no matter where they are in their stage of growth in life. Exhorters are “people” persons and greatly loved by all because they care about their growth.

These gifted ones do not gain their insight from college degrees or constant intellectual study (although they do not discount education). They gain their insight from human experience and back it up with education or the scriptures. They are action-oriented and understand that hard times can be a path to maturity.

The exhorters have a plan for every situation and that plan is designed to lead others to personal progress. When an exhorter feels the need to correct someone it is done in a gentle manner and followed up with encouragement.

Character Traits of the Child with a Gift of Exhortation

Ah, the flamboyant and exciting exhorter! These little ones are so fun to be around. They seem to never get discouraged and have so much energy they light up a room. These are your performers, actors, jokers, and overall jovial children.

The Motivational Gift of Exhortation

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In book #4 of the Anna’s Friend’s series we will follow Hiro through his journey of practicing for his role as Tiny Tim in a Christmas play and how he overcomes the adversity of such an important role with his wit and humor, traits of exhorters. 

This book titled Hiro Plays Tiny Tim outlines in fun, illustrated story form the exciting gift of a child or person with the motivational gift of exhortation.

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